Mobonair Wireless is one of the leading bulk SMS providing online companies

Mobonair built the online empire by choosing the right medium of communication. We believe that customers and customer satisfaction are the most important factors. Choosing the right medium of communication with the customers has become the most integral part of a business. We have to make sure that this medium increases the responsiveness of the customers as well. Small-scale industries start with very little capital and they have to invest money in their core production. In such a situation, Mobonair can help them out. We have helped numerous small-scale industries as well as startups in building their customer base while increasing sales.
Services provided by Mobonair can be divided into five broad categories: advertising, reminders, campaigning, promotional offers and information broadcasting. We provide services like bulk transactional SMS and promotional SMS. Mobonair is also known for bulk voice call service. The special feature is that we let you send these voice calls in mp3 format and these messages can reach anywhere across the world, that too, on all available devices and networks.
We are a bootstrapped company with a
"We are on a mission of making the messaging industry absolutely nonpareil. We wish to elevate the standard of express SMS services through the world’s best reseller panel and a robust mechanism. Nothing inspires us more than the prospect of transforming lives and enterprises through totally determined and dedicated Support Services."
With Mobonair, you can send an unlimited number of transactional SMS through any platform across any network to a multiple number of people residing in different corners of the world. This prevents the problem of facing the hurdles of money and distance. It also saves a lot of time as these messages can be sent instantaneously. Mobonair also protects the privacy of the people by not sharing the details with any other companies or private parties. Client confidentiality is something that forms an integral part of our work ethics. Mobonair also provides OTP or One Time Password among its other services. OTP system can be used on personal computers and any other digital device for that matter. It is used by various online companies to ensure the validity, security and identity of the customers. It removes the difficulties of the traditional methods that include authentication based on a password. Mobonair is useful in many other fields and has immensely been used by banks, institutions and governments. We provide a multitude of services in different price ranges and validity. Mobonair Wireless is one of the best bulk SMS providers in the country and has a cutting-edge SMS gateway for functionalities.
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