IVR Solution

Mobonair is a leading company that specialises in information broadcasting, product promotion, discount coupons and reminders. We are famous and sought after for our IVR service just like our promotional SMS service and DND service. We take pride in fulfilling our customer’s needs and provide the best customer care.
Interactive Voice Response or IVR is probably the best service we have provided so far. An automatic interactive response device is a dream come true for businesses as well as individuals. They can be immensely helpful and this is why we have incorporated this service in our business. With our IVR service, we can help you serve your customers at an affordable range. This will help you to acquire loyal and long-term customers. You might think that since it is an automatic machine, the messages will also be mechanic. However, that is not true. Even though it is an automatic machine, you can record a personalised message or response in the machine. You can personalise it to say any kind of greeting that you want. It can also transfer and guide the customer to the right department. Thus, this service will save you money as well as time. Since it is an automatic machine, it has another great benefit as well. A normal receptionist or customer service employee might lose track after around 100 calls a day and they are also bound to make human errors. However, this service is absolutely error-free. It can receive an unlimited number of calls and yet function correctly. The auto attendant makes sure that the customers receive the proper assistance and guidance.
This service is also a great way to impress some of your customers and potential customers. Some people prefer interacting with a machine as they find it hassle-free. This will help them clear their enquiries and will leave a good impression about your business services in their mind. Additionally, the employees might take a lot of time to figure things out. They might not always know how to guide a customer or handle a confused customer. IVR service helps clear all the queries of the customer and transfer them to the right departments with which they want to connect. An employee will also take double the time than the IVR machine. People’s confusions are also easily resolved. Thus, everything is sorted out in the first call itself. A human receptionist might not be able to do that. This way the customers are more satisfied with the services offered by the customer services. It increases the efficiency of the system. This system also helps to receive more calls simultaneously and the customers can transfer themselves. A normal receptionist will not be able to handle more than one call at a time. It increases the capacity of the business to handle all the customers. It also gives your business more credibility and authenticity. It also takes less time when a customer calls. Mobonair IVR service can thus help increase the overall productivity of your business.
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