Promotional DND SMS

With the increase in development of information technology, people have come to depend more on applications and online platforms. They not only have their influence on private individuals but also on multinational corporations, institutions, startups, day-to-day administration of the government etc. Online platforms make day-to-day tasks amazing. It has been immensely used in the field of marketing, advertising, promotion etc. From paying your electricity bills to setting up a multinational business, everything can be done by simply having access to the internet. Mobonair is a renowned company dealing with all aspects of online marketing. This is a bulk SMS service technique to promote and grow your business and to be updated about your client base. It also helps you to inform your clients about the coupons and discounts available to them. Mobonair has many offices across India and has various services associated with promotional SMS. We provide automatically recorded voice calls too. Mobonair has been in the market for a long time and has acquired a great name in the field of online marketing and advertising especially by helping political parties.
Do Not Disturb Service
Do Not Disturb (DND) is a relatively new service or innovation provided by the telecommunication service providers. This service tool helps the customers to choose whether they want to receive bulk promotional SMS. The subscribers have the option to opt out of receiving such third-party promotional messages. The greatest benefit of DND SMS service is that it gives the subscribers an opportunity to block unauthorised messages and spam messages. This service has two great features. One is it can operate on full block mode as well as on partial block mode. In a full blocking mode, the subscriber can completely block their phones or lines from receiving any kinds of bulk SMS. This helps you avoid irrelevant SMS and also reduce spam that can possibly endanger your phone. These messages might also include bank alerts and other related and unrelated messages. With the partial block mechanism, you can choose what kind of messages one receives like health, education, songs, film reviews etc. This lets you be updated about your area of interest. The temporarily blocked sites will not be able to send you messages. You also have the option of unblocking these sites. There have been a lot of spam messages that are misleading the public doing the rounds. Such messages can be blocked with this DND SMS service. Thus, malpractices connected with these misleading messages can also be prevented. Unwanted notifications can also be blocked using this service.
Control Your Communications
Mobonair makes sure that you are not disturbed by unwanted communications. Mobonair can control these manually or automatically but the actual control of what message one receives is with the subscribers. With Mobonair, the sender ID is instantly recognised to save you from spam. If there is a technical error, the Mobonair customer service will always be available as customer satisfaction is the most important motto of our business. Mobonair does not charge any setup fee or other hidden costs.
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